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Visitor / Customer Metrics and Reporting

What are actionable metrics?  When you read a report containing actionable metrics, you call somebody and say "Do this and we will make more money" or "Stop this because we are losing money on it".  You have a daily or weekly meeting to run through the reports with key decision makers  - and people want to come to the meeting because they can make profit generating decisions and track the results of these decisions.

Here's what you need to know to 
create actionable customer metrics:

  • Which data is meaningful and important
    to collect and which data can be ignored
  • How to aggregate data without losing the 
    most important action-oriented details
  • How to create simple but powerful metrics
    that really mean something to the profitability
    of your business - without bringing in a 
    Ph.D. statistician
  • How to turn these metrics into a "where we
    are now" benchmarking report to measure
    future performance and quantify your 
    contribution to increased profitability

Here are some of the metrics we will use,
if analyzing web site performance:

Visitor Quality: Audience / Content match

Take Rates on Key Action Items
Repeat Visitor Share
Heavy User Share
Committed Visitor Share
Committed Visitor Index
Committed Visitor Volume

Visitor Engagement: Design / Navigation

Visitor Engagement Index
No Sale Rate: Site and All Key Entry Pages
Scanning Visitor Share
Scanning Visitor Index
Scanning Visitor Volume
Visitor Path Analysis

Here are some of the metrics we will use, 
if analyzing purchase or service behavior:

Transaction Value or Cost
Category or Type
Initial Source
Initial Context
Payment Type
Return or Defect Rate

Here's how you use the metrics:

  • Measure the performance of your "front-end" - visitor / prospect to buyer conversion - and use these metrics to both improve average visitor conversion and attract new prospects who are more likely to convert in the first place
  • Measure the performance of your "back-end" - converting first time buyers to repeat buyers - and use these metrics to both increase average repeat rate and attract buyers who are more likely to repeat in the first place
  • Create the single most powerful metric - ranking visitors or customers by likelihood to visit or buy again
  • Use these rankings as the cornerstone of a continuous improvement process for maximizing the profitability of a web site or business - check the impact of design changes, advertising campaigns, strategy changes, product and content decisions

Get started on the road to increased web site usability and profitability by scheduling a Customer Metrics and Reporting consultation.  Call (cell) 727.895.5454 or e-mail me to set up an exploratory meeting today! 

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