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The Drilling Down book, software, and this website are 


The Drilling Down Project by Jim Novo.  All rights reserved in all media.  

You are free to link to any pages on this web site without asking me first.  Really.  That's why they call it "the web", right?

My background, client list, and consulting services are described here.

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I mean it.  I guarantee you will learn practical, useful, actionable, customer marketing optimization techniques by going through this site.  If you don't, contact me and I will be happy to assist you "on the house".  I know there has been a lot of hype surrounding this topic, and people find it difficult to understand.  If I have "missed the mark" in your case, please allow me make it up to you by addressing your individual business needs.

                                     - Jim  

Privacy Policy

The purpose of this web site is to provide a discussion forum and information relevant to the Drilling Down concept and products.

The Drilling Down book with free software is sold at Booklocker and various other online booksellers.  No financial transactions take place here at the Drilling Down web site.  If you are concerned about privacy related to purchasing a book, please consult the book seller's privacy policy.  Booklocker, unlike Amazon, believes your personal information "belongs to you".  You can read their privacy policy here.

I collect the e-mail address of those who subscribe to the Drilling Down newsletter and  the e-mail address of those requesting files from the auto-responder (updated ReadMe file for the software).  The auto-responder generated address will not be spammed for a newsletter subscription!  If you're interested in the Drilling Down approach, you'll come back and subscribe to the newsletter without spam from me, I figure.

The e-mail address, date and time of activity, and browser type are collected when submissions to the newsletter or auto-responder occurs.  This information is used to manage and audit subscriptions to the newsletter.  The list is not rented or provided to any other business or organization.  I also look at general page view and referrer activity using Web Position Gold page tags and WebTrends log analysis to get a sense of traffic patterns and advertising effectiveness; none of this information is collected at the individual visitor level, only in the aggregate.

If you have any questions regarding privacy on this website, please e-mail me using the contact information above.

- Jim Novo

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