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Work Jim Novo has done

Internet projects, 1994 +

* My client:  SteelTorch Software

Advisor to e-commerce infrastructure start-up.   Details not available at this time (I'd have to kill you after I told you, so don't ask).

* My client: Retek 
Their clients: 
Tupperware, Shop-at-Home, Rexall Sundown

Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Oracle programming team, developing the data analysis / targeting / campaign / loyalty program management modules of an enterprise class commerce system. System provides "360 degree" view of customer activity across all channels of interaction retail/POS, catalog, Internet, telemarketing. 

Conceived and wrote requirements documentation for programmers

Designed web activity profiling engine which ranks customers according to lifetime value and RFM characteristics for targeted direct marketing

Wrote user documentation and instructional modules for non-technical users

* My client: Kobie Marketing     
Their client: CBS/Sports Line

Developed strategy, plans, business and financial models for implementing a customer loyalty program on a Top 50 website in 1997.  Responsible for proper IT implementation, including definition of processes and datamart. 

First vertically integrated, self-contained loyalty program on the Web

First to award points for page views

First to use daily "Hot Picks" Rewards auction
to build traffic

Custom designed using internal customer transactional data

Supports both subscription and advertising based business models

Named to Top 10 e-Loyalty programs in November 2000

See review of the program in Colloquy Magazine:
July 1998 (log-in required)

Metrics and comments from loyalty experts on the program

* My client: Kobie Marketing
Their Client: MBNA

Can't tell you anything about this, sorry.  Safe bet it has to do with credit card marketing, usage, retention, and anti-defection though.

* My client: Kobie Marketing
Their Client: Barnes & Noble, on & offline

Yea, well I can't tell you anything about this either.  Let's say it's about multi-channel customer retention and loyalty in the retail book business, OK?

* My Previous Employer: Home Shopping Network

VP Marketing & Programming (1994 - 1997)

Integrated marketing and customer analysis of CompuServe, Prodigy, and other online initiatives of Home Shopping Network into the television shopping strategy 

Created "front-end, back end" relationship between TV and online, using television to drive activity into the online environment and looping feedback online back to TV

Structured online to support, reinforce, enhance, and extend TV product presentation

Created online communities centered around customer product behavior and attitudes

Proved interactive retail behavior on the Internet is very similar to behavior exhibited by TV shopping customers, though the customer lifecycle issues on the Internet are more severe.

TV Shopping, from 1987 - 1997

Responsible for the entire customer lifecycle: acquisition and retention in televised shopping, increasing lapsed TV shopping customer value using the Internet, catalogs & ancillary services.

Created new database-driven loyalty programs generating immediate cash flow under stringent ROI criteria; advised merchandising, programming, and operations areas regarding the effects of their initiatives on future productivity of the customer base.

Restructured network programming approach based on primary customer research; generated gain of 12% in sales, 7% in new customers, 10% in customer retention; increased mail order catalog profit 28% by implementing statistical modeling

Reorganized the work process flow from merchandising through programming, planning, and broadcasting, resulting in enhanced communication and execution; developed new tools for success measurement across a broad range of disciplines.

Created Future Intent to Purchase (FIPS) model concept which predicted the likelihood of a customer to purchase in the next 30 days; marketing implementation resulted in annual sales lift of $37 million for a net 60% ROI in 60 days after each mailing

Developed test and rollout of first broadbased No Interest, No Payment credit promotion in the TV shopping industry with General Electric Capital Corporation (GECC), resulting in a 30% net contribution lift during the promotional period

Integrated partner marketing programs with Seagram's, Sarah Lee, MCI, TV Guide, Ralston-Purina, Andes Candies, Sutter Home, MCI, CPC/Old London, Bausch & Lomb

Generated over $50 million annual incremental sales through the use of internally developed, proprietary customer retention programs

Developed ongoing reactivation programs using predictive modeling techniques averaging a 400% return on investment over the 60 day payback window

Launched both affinity (VISA) and private label (GECC) credit card products which surpassed acquisition, activation, and usage targets set through contract by 30%


Cable Television, from 1984 1987

Managed all aspects of marketing and direct sales effort for nine suburban Boston cable systems including customer service sales training and incentive plan.

Achieved average cost per new subscriber of $2.35 versus company wide cost of $28. Net of new builds, these systems achieved 6% basic sub growth rate from a 64% basic penetration versus company wide 3% basic growth rate from 61% basic penetration

Restructured inbound telephone sales and direct sales organizations into complimentary rather than cannibalistic efforts, each with specialized target markets

Reversed pay penetration decline to maintain a 1.3% growth rate during period when company wide pay penetration dropped 1.8% using innovative customer service rep selling, saving, and reward programs in the call center.

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